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Spirulina Powder - 250 Grams

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  • Spirulina Is Extremely High In Chlorophyll, Which Helps Remove Toxins From The Blood And Boost The Immune System.
  • Spirulina Has A Very High Concentration Of Bio-Available Iron And Is Excellent During Pregnancy And For Those With Anemia And Will Not Cause Constipation.
  • The Proteins And Nutrients In Spirulina Are Very Bioavailable And Easy To Absorb.

Spirulina Is A Natural “Algae” (Cyanbacteria) Powder That Is Incredibly High In Protein And A Good Source Of Antioxidants, B-Vitamins And Other Nutrients. When Harvested Correctly From Non-Contaminated Ponds And Bodies Of Water, It Is One Of The Most Potent Nutrient Sources Available. It Is Largely Made Up Of Protein And Essential Amino Acids, And Is Typically Recommended To Vegetarians For Its High Natural Iron Content.